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Our award winning technology allows you to display over 25,000 advertisers in numerous ways: Contextual ads, Popaway ads, Text Links, DHTML Popaways, and your own Free Web Site Portal. A full 60% of bid prices is paid out and we provide free content themed to Your Site! Place news, sports, and weather on your site, free! New ‘Popaway’ DHTML ad delivery adds revenue to your text content and blogs. Contextual Advertising with High Bid Prices Make You More!

In fact, many of our top affiliates integrate Allfeeds into their Google© Adsense program. As an affiliate, you can too! Learn how to replace your Google© public service ads with Allfeeds.com high profit solutions.

Look at what you get free:

  • Free Website Portal
  • Contextual Ads
  • Top pay-per-click listings from 25,000+ advertisers
  • Multiple formats available for your easy display (View Examples)
  • Text Links
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • New DHTML ‘Popaways’

This ‘Popaway’ program will highlight targeted keywords with your choice of either an underline, double underline or box. When a user moves their mouse over the highlighted keyword a targeted DHTML advertisement will popup and display. When they move their mouse away it will disapear (popaway). If they click on the ad, you receive credit for the click!
This new program is very lucrative for high content based sites such as blogs, news pages, portals, forums or article pages.
Popaway Ads are great for publishers since they take up none of your valuable space and they deliver maximum click thru rates due to this fresh, new, unique approach.

  • Real time Reporting
  • Refer other webmasters and earn 10% of the revenue they generate!
  • Refer other webmasters and earn 10% of the revenue they generate!
  • Monthly payouts with rollover earnings

We will mail you a check once a month for as long as you have earned at least $25.00. If you dont earn $25.00 within one month, your earned comission will be added to your next month’s payment. Checks are mailed out the last day of the following month.


  • – Easy co-branding to your own look and feel. Easily add your look & logo that make this offer YOUR offer! It’s easy, fast, fun, and profitable to give away these free web site portals! Point your domain name to your new web site portal or send your traffic to your own free web address we provide you! Start making more today!
  • Customized campaigns including our award winning technology integration with Google Adsense!
    (View Examples)
    If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you must be tired of not getting paid for Google’s default public service listings. Join 1000’s who have replaced them with our methodology today! With hardly any effort, you can add targeted listings to your existing Google Adsense account! It looks and feels the same but you get paid more often! Replace those public service ads today! Be more than just gooooogle, join now!
  • All rules and regulations are spelled out in the Terms of Service agreement