Allfeeds is your best choice for innovative advertising with its industry leading PPC Platform, along with its Display and cutting edge Video Ad platforms displayed on mobile and web.

10 Years of Service in ’06

ALLFEEDS IS A REAL-TIME ADVERTISING TRADING PLATFORM FOR PUBLISHERS, MEDIA BUYERS, AND AGENCIES.All enjoy our one-stop location for most of their needs. All utilize our proprietary infrastructure technology that pulls and pushes results to and from multiple search engines simultaneously. We offer a blended result based on relevancy giving and getting all the best results and feeds the internet has to offer. Advertisers get more for their money, publishers earn more, and agencies simply find more increasing their digital ROI

Contextual Ads: has perfected this fastest growing form of internet advertising. These are sponsored links that appear within contextually relevant pages instead of within search results. Our technology is even sophisticated enough to integrate with Google’s Adsense! As a result, many of our advertisers appear on some of Google’s top sites without paying Google’s high fees!

Search ads:

We use a “bid for placement” smart search engine strategy which is the most productive, popular, and successful format for internet advertising. With this technology, search results are ranked based upon an open bidding system. Our ability to place these ads on some of the web’s most popular sites insures our advertiser’s success. Again, our superior distribution technology encompassing virtually all the feeds. available makes us the preferred one-stop for high volume, low cost targeted advertising.

Affiliates & Partners:

From the largest Google Adsense site to the narrowest of niche sites, Allfeeds affiliates and partners share one common characteristic: honesty! We regularly and honestly pay our affiliates and partners as long as they honestly provide our advertiser’s with real live interested targeted buyers, period. That’s all that’s needed to qualify. Everyone wins! |, LLC | 2302 Wehrle Dr. | Williamsville,
New York 14221